MSR 2012 June 2–3. Zurich, Switzerland
The 9th Working Conference on Mining Software Repositories

Keynote Speaker

Dongmei Zhang

Dongmei Zhang
Microsoft Research

Dongmei Zhang is a Senior Researcher and research manager at the Software Analytics group of Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA). Her research interests include data-driven software analysis, machine learning, information visualization and large-scale computing platform. She founded the Software Analytics group at MSRA in 2009. Since then she has been leading the group to research software analytics technologies. Her group collaborates closely with multiple product teams in Microsoft, and has developed and deployed software analytics tools that have created high business impact.

Software Analytics in Practice — Approaches and Experiences

A huge wealth of various data exists in the software development process, and hidden in the data is information about the quality of software and services as well as the dynamics of software development. With various analytic and computing technologies, software analytics is to enable software practitioners to performance data exploration and analysis in order to obtain insightful and actionable information for data-driven tasks around software and services.

Software analytics is naturally tied with the software development practice mainly because (1) the data under study comes from real practice; (2) there are real problems to be answered using the data; (3) one of the success metrics of software analytics research is its influence and impact on the development practice. The process of transferring software analytics research results into practical use, a.k.a. technology transfer, is full of challenges, such as dealing with the scale and complexity of the real data, walking the last mile to build tools working well in practice instead of only being a demo or prototype, and effectively engaging the software practitioners to adopt the tools and provide feedback.

At the Software Analytics group in Microsoft Research Asia, we are conducting research in software analytics; and we also collaborate extensively with product teams across Microsoft. In this talk, I will discuss some of the research projects in our group; and I will also use some case studies to share our approaches and experiences in technology transfer.